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http://www.rqhome.comInnovative home decor company RQ Home presents the new - a secure online store and user friendly website customized for showing off the beautiful and exclusive metal wares of RQ Home. 

Focusing on a lightweight metal composite invented by Roger Questel, each piece of home or kitchen decor is a remarkable work of art, and all made in the US. Each original design is hand made by artists and model makers using techniques that have been developed over the 20 year history of the company. Their products are then cast in molds, using ingredients also manufactured in America.

The result is a treasure trove of unique cast-metal products, contemporary and fashionable, that add style and class to a room while making your life a little bit easier. RQ Home's inventive magnetic wall plates are timeless and original, with no visible screws, adding form to function. For the kitchen, experience the ease of use and versatility of their spice racks and knife and utensil racks, displaying all your cooking tools attractively and accessibly, without having things rattling around in a drawer. Make use of the tablet shelf for effortless video watching or listening to music while you cook. Make your experience in the kitchen more gratifying and hassle-free with these beautiful, innovative products.

Peruse all the patterns, metals, and finishes available on each attractive coaster set, decorative bowl and floral vase. Adorn your house with the unique antique pewter or oil rubbed bronze house numbers. Linger over all the great sale items listed on the website, and feel secure using the customized Shopping Cart feature for checking out. Don't forget this landmark company! Enjoy the ease of browsing all the beautiful creations that RQ Home offers-