Okemo Valley - The Mobile Guide

The Mobile Guide Okemo Valley

The Okemo Valley, at Your Fingertips!

Got2Web Mobile Services, developer of customized apps, presents "Okemo Valley - The Mobile Guide". This app is now available through the Apple iTunes store and Google Play, making it easier than ever to access all the local businesses, maps, events and even directions that you need to fully experience the area. The app features a local commerce directory, business bios, turn-by-turn directions and integrated map to provide both visitors and locals alike information on the beautiful Okemo Valley. 

 Mobile Guide Okemo Valley 2014 Screenshots

This app will provide a boost for mobile commerce in the area, with a focus on exposure for local businesses. Okemo Valley - The Mobile Guide is an ongoing project, and continued directory submissions are welcome.

Currently, the Okemo Valley - The Mobile Guide provides native support for iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5 operating systems. This app is free to download in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play. Got2App is looking forward to expanded content as they receive further directory submissions. For more information on the Okemo Valley Regional App & Map Project, please visit www.ludlowmap.com.

About Got2App Mobile Services

Got2App, a service of Got2Web, LLC, provides design, development and distribution of customized native and HTML5 apps as mobile marketing vehicles for all levels of businesses and organizations. Their goal is to integrate seamlessly with the existing brand of a given client, helping kick start an effective mobile marketing strategy. They are constantly innovating and improving their services to bring better features at an affordable price. Visit the Got2App site at www.got2app.com.

If you would like further information on the Okemo Valley - The Mobile Guide, or are a local business owner interested in a directory listing, please contact us.

Visit www.ludlowmap.com/press_kit.zip to download a press kit with more Okemo Valley - The Mobile Guide information, screenshots and promotional aids.

To download the Android App:www.ludlowmap.com/android

To download the iOS App:www.ludlowmap.com/iphone